Limited Edition Fine Art Screen Prints .

Artrite Screen Printing Is New Zealand’s leading fine art Print makers . Artrite , has multiple Gold Medals ,and has produced High quality ltd edition screen prints for NZ leading artists and International.

If you are an established artist or up and coming, please call us. With over 50 years experience we can help .

Serigraph,  Screen printing is recognized worldwide as a true fine art process . All products used are true archival products. It has been extremely successful for many NZ artists. Dick Frizzell, Tony Ogle, Stanley Palmer, Max Gimblett, Don Binney, Karl Maughan, Dale Frank, Sarah Hughes ,Gordon Walters, Brad Novak, to name a few.

Charles and Janine Williams

Max Gimblett

Dick Frizzell and western Frizzell

Shane Cotton

Brad Novak

Stanley Palmer

Karl Maughn .

Michael Smither .

Sam Leitch .

Matthew Payne .